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Custom Framing

With state-of-the-art equipment, your vision and our expertise we can help find the perfect solution designed just for you and your artwork.

Frame Selection

We'll start by discussing your interior and the placement of your artwork. Framing of your artwork is as important to your interior design as any other element.


The glass used to protect your artwork is an important selection as well. We recommend the use of our “Tru-Vue” UV filtering Conservation Clear, Museum Glass or Conservation Reflection Control glass that protects against ultra-violet light which accelerates the fading of your artwork.

We Frame it All!

Since 1980, just about everything has crossed our path. From baby shoes to football jerseys, we've seen it all and love the challenge.



Specialty Matting

The Corner Cottage offers virtually any type of mat cutting and design available. Using hand-cut designs, French mats, fillets, inlays and computerized cutting techniques we can create the perfect accent for your artwork.

Hand-Cut Designs

For the ultimate touch of personalization and elegance we can hand-cut your mat. Hand cutting is used when a stylized design is desired that is too intricate or detailed for our computerized mat cutter.

French Mats

French mats are hand-painted lines and watercolor panels around the edge of the mat opening. A fantastic way to add that extra special touch to your artwork and enhance the interior of your home or office.


Fillets are used around the mat opening to add depth and texture to your artwork. Usually made of wood - sometimes gold or silver leafed - they add texture and dimension that further helps draw the eye into your artwork.

Custom Inlays

Add a personal touch with a custom inlay. With multi-layered mats we can create the perfect niche for that special item associated with your artwork.

Computerized Mat Cutting

With our state-of-the-art computerized mat cutter we can create even the most intricate designs. Bring on your challenge!